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Bahamia Service Company (“BSC”) has embarked upon its promised Compliance Program for the Bahamia Development.  The Compliance Program deals with enforcing the Restrictive Covenants of the Bahamia Subdivisions for the betterment of all property owners and residents of Bahamia.

For a copy of the Restrictive Covenants of Bahamia, refer to BSC’s web site; and click “Restrictive Covenants of Bahamia.” 

The Compliance Program incorporates the following:

  • Regular inspections of the various Bahamia Subdivisions which may reveal violations of the Restrictive Covenants.  These will be identified, noted and, where applicable, photographed.
  • A “Friendly” Notice to correct the violation in 30-days will be afforded the property owner, both verbally on site and in writing. 
  • After 30-days if the violation has not been corrected or resolved, a Formal Letter will be issued to the property owner giving them a final 30-day period to correct or resolve the violation. 
  • If the matter has not been resolved in that period, it will be turned over to BSC’s Attorney to initiate either; (1) legal action in the Courts for compliance; (2) solicit the assistance of the Grand Bahama Port Authority to disconnect utility supplies to the property or; (3) solicit the assistance of the Department of Environmental Health for compliance in order to protect the health and welfare of the residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods and/or subdivisions.

There should be no opposition by any property owner or resident in Bahamia to this program as it serves to protect and enhance the living conditions and general environment of the Bahamia Development.  There will be the occasion where it is both “legal and proper” for BSC to enter upon the non-compliant owner’s property and remedy the violation.  After the violation is resolved by BSC, the property owner will be invoiced for the work done at cost and payment is expected in 30-days or less to avoid interest charges.  Failure to pay in 30-days will result with an encumbrance attached to the property and/or a Summons to appear in Magistrate Court to settle the debt.



Entrance to Montrose Drive

Bahamia Service Company (“BSC”) is continuing its program to improve the roadways in Bahamia as outstanding service charges are received from property owners to fund the program.

Recently, BSC has resurfaced most of Montrose Drive, Westview Drive and the southern portion of Aberdeen Drive in Bahamia West Replat.

Entrance to Westview Drive

Aberdeen Drive

BSC is also continuing to construct curbing, including back-filling and seeding, throughout the roadway medians in Bahamia.

New curbing & back-filling along Pinta Avenue






The seeded areas, especially along Pinta Avenue, are maturing quite well now as it gets a steady dose of seasonal rain and sun. Other areas are starting to take shape as well and the entire process is enhancing the roadway medians in Bahamia.

Pinta Avenue

Pinta Avenue

BSC wants the property owners to acknowledge that these improvements do not come cheap, so it is very important that all property owners pay their service charges on time and make every effort to bring their accounts current so BSC can continue to improve the Bahamia Development.


Bahamia Service Company (“BSC”) has already commenced with Magistrate (Small Claims) Court Action to collect outstanding service charges from those property owners whose accounts are delinquent but are not in jeopardy of repossession.

Any property owner who is served with a Summons to appear in Magistrate Court must appear to give testimony regarding their delinquent service charge debt.  Failure to appear in Court will result in a Summary Judgment against them to pay the entire outstanding amount within a specific time period upon notification by the Court 

Failure of the property owner to satisfy the Court requirement, BSC will again seek redress in the Court.  A Bench Warrant may be initiated by the Judge (a very serious matter) to have the Police escort them to the Court to explain why they did not satisfy the Court Order.  This could be quite embarrassing if the Police has to come to your workplace and removed you to appear in Court.

Many of the affected property owners who have already been served have brought their accounts current and avoided appearing in Court.  BSC suggests that those affected property owners take advantage of this same opportunity.



With the retirement of Bernie Davis, former BSC Operations Manager, and the reorganization of the Company’s Engineering and Maintenance Divisions, the following personnel have been promoted to the management positions noted below. 

Washington Bain

Promoted to the position of Operations & Maintenance Superintendent for BSC under the Company’s Reorganization Program assuming most of the duties of Bernie Davis who has retired.  He will be responsible for the overall direction of the Maintenance of Bahamia and the Maintenance Compound, including the Bahamia Nursery.


Godfrey T. Pinder

Promoted to the position of Maintenance Supervisor for BSC replacing Washington Bain, he will be responsible for the Maintenance Personnel and Material, Equipment and Automotive Procurement for Bahamia, the Maintenance Compound and Nursery.


Johnny Peterson

Promoted to the position of Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, replacing Godfrey Pinder, he will be responsible for the Maintenance Personnel for the Bahamia Development.



Bernie & Washy

Soup's Up

After long and faithful service to the Company, Bernie Davis, former Operations Manager, has retired.

Bahamia property owners, who have received technical advice and development services from Mr. Davis in the past, will certainly wish him well and God speed in his retirement.

With Mr. Davis’s retirement, the Company has promoted the former supervisor of BSC’s Maintenance Division, Mr. Washington Bain, to Operations & Maintenance Superintendent, assuming most of Mr. Davis duties. 

The Company has also decided to retain Mr. Davis part-time, post retirement, as an Independent Consultant to assist Mr. Bain during a transitional period of time.

Head Table

Farewell Toast


Mr. Bruey & Bernie


Bahamia Service Company (“BSC”) would like to bring to the attention of all landowners and residents alike that discarding trash and debris on the roadways or on vacant properties in Bahamia is a crime, punishable by Law if arrested and convicted. 

The aforementioned infractions are covered by the Statute Laws of the Bahamas, Chapter 232, Environmental Health Services and/or Chapter 29, Freeport Bye-Laws.

Not only is littering disgusting and environmentally unhealthy, it is a sign of poor taste and improper up-bringing.  To cite an old proverb…”Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  Let’s all join in to keep Bahamia clean and environmentally healthy.  Take pride in your subdivision and instill these same attributes in your off springs and peers.  Over time, if an effort is genuinely pursued, the littering problem in Bahamia will definitely diminish.    

BSC recognizes that some littering goes on by non-residents as well as persons that are just driving through Bahamia which is something BSC must deal with.  You can assist BSC, and to some extent, help yourself and the other residents in your subdivision by contacting our offices when you observe any littering, trash dumping, etc., especially if you are able to take note of vehicle license numbers.  You can be assured that BSC will pursue the matter to the full extent of the Law to curb this offensive and disgraceful practice.

BSC is inviting the Bahamia property owners to participate in a do-not-litter signage slogan contest for our roadways. Keep slogans pithy. BSC expects to announce a winner with prizes on March 1st, 2007.  Contact our offices for details. 


There have been numerous misconceptions on the part of many property owners as to when annual service charges are actually due and payable to avoid becoming delinquent and accruing interest for late payments.

In order to clarify this situation, we have listed below some of the language to this effect that is incorporated in all Deed types in Bahamia, namely;

  • BSC has the legal right to charge and receive annual service charges from property owners to maintain the Bahamia Development.
  • The entire annual service charge amount is due on the property owner’s anniversary date.
  • BSC provides the property owner, collectively with all other property owners, with a full year of service and then they are billed, i.e. billed in arrears.
  • Even though property owners are billed annually, they are not afforded a year to pay.  Service charges are due and payable when billed.
  • BSC however affords the property owner a 21-day grace period from the invoice date to pay their service charges on time and avoid any late penalty interest charges. 
  • All service charge payments made after the 21-day grace period will incur a late payment interest charge at the rate of 1.5% per month on the entire outstanding balance due. 

Property owners are reminded of the importance of paying their service charges on time.  Delaying payments places an unfair burden on those property owners who pay on time and maintain current account status with BSC.  Bear in mind that all service charges collected are utilized exclusively in the Bahamia Development to properly service and enhance the subdivisions for the environmental health and welfare of all owners and residents alike.


Only as a last resort, Bahamia Service Company (“BSC”), in an effort to collect “long overdue” service charge accounts that continue to be ignored by respective property owners in Bahamia, has initiated a property repossession program for those accounts.  Recently, a number of properties have been repossessed and the former owners have forfeited their properties for non-payment of their obligation to pay service charges.

It continues to be BSC’s position to aggressively collect delinquent service charges from property owners since their reluctance to pay impairs BSC’s ability to maintain Bahamia for the benefit of all property owners, especially those property owners who keep their accounts current.  Bear in mind, all service charges received by BSC are exclusively for the Company’s operation, maintenance and up-keep of the subdivisions as well as the further development of Bahamia.

Those property owners who may be affected by the repossession program should be aware that once all other avenues have been exhausted to collect the debt, once repossession has commenced, it cannot be terminated prior to the actual repossession date unless, however, the total outstanding service charges due, plus administrative and legal fees, are paid in full beforehand.  Prior partial payments will not extinguish or delay the repossession.

Once the property has been repossessed, there will be no reinstatement or preferential sale of the property back to the former owner; the repossession is final.

On a positive note, BSC is willing to work with any property owner who is delinquent with their service charges, especially if it is in serious jeopardy of repossession.  A Payment Agreement, in writing, signed by the respective property owner, can be entered into with BSC to extinguish the debt over a period of time.  Of course, failure to honour the Agreement will expose the property owner to an immediate payment in full of the outstanding balance due or face repossession.

If any seriously delinquent property owner is interested in this type of arrangement with BSC, they can contact Ms. Terri Hylton at BSC’s offices, telephone 1(242) 351-5063, Ext. 224, for details and arrangements. 

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